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Meet Our HLA Staff



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Moira A. Hamilton


"Be the reason someone smiles today."

Moira Hamilton is the Headmaster and Founder of Hamilton Liberty Academy. This has been a journey. Through her years at Northland Pioneer College, the University of Arizona and graduating also from Columbia University, she has seen firsthand the need for educational differences for our youth. As a current teacher this past year she has seen many disgraces for youth and their futures. She personally has had enough of the local public educational systems they continuously choose to oppress children instead of uplift them to their possibilities. She has also witnessed the lack of mathematical, reading comprehension, and any understanding of true history. The focus in public schools seems to be more about their lack of possibilities instead of showing them the truth. Many of her colleagues have seen the same around the world. We all believe it is time for a change.

A little bit about her background.

Moira is currently a PhD Candidate in Organizational & Leadership in Education. She is a recent 4.2 Masters Graduate in Art and Art Education Department Teachers College, Columbia University. Previously, she graduated from the University of Arizona Honors College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies. Moira is a two-time recipient of the award “Leader of the Year” with Golden Key International Honour Society. These awards have been given to her at the International Summits in South Africa and in Sydney Australia. She earned these titles due to her service in the community and her work promoting continuing education for the pursuit of a college bound experience.

Moira has also been the recipient of the All-Arizona Academic Team Scholarship and Trico Cooperative Scholar. When studying at Teachers College, she was also honored with scholarships from the Munro Urban Scholars, Second Century Scholars, Diane & Abraham Sunshine Scholars, and the Patricia Green End Scholars. She has also been the recipient of the Daugherty Foundation, Magellan Circle, and the University of Arizona Alumni Award.

Education and community service is the passion that drives Moira’s future goals. As a foster mother for the State of Arizona, they adopted three children with complex medical conditions. Caring for her children has provided insight into the importance of education and the necessity of providing students the tools to achieve their dreams. Moira truly believes in nurturing our youth and brightening their future. Moira’s aspirations are to open a high school that truly educates our youth in foundations. Create change and enhance our educational system, making educational opportunities equitable across the nation. Moreover, Moira’s intentions are to continue communicating the importance truth to the next generation. 

Mya Lee Headshot.JPG

Mya T. Lee


History & Social Studies

"At any given moment, you have the power to say... 'This is not how the story is going to end.'"

Mya Lee graduated from Jackson State University (JSU) in 2021 and obtained her Master of Art in History,   

where she focused on the connection between the media’s portrayal of stereotypes facing Black women in the twentieth century. She has been awarded The Best Paper in Southern History in 2019 by University of Alabama Graduate History Association’s Conference on Power and Struggle for her research entitled “The New Sapphire: The Debate about the Portrayal of Black Women in Tyler Perry Productions.” She has also obtained her Bachelor of Art with Honors in History at JSU, where she focused on media history and intersectionality. Mya is an avid learner and researcher and is committed and passionate about creating for educational tools and platforms that deconstruct academic concepts in an engaging manner for families, educators, and students alike. For this, she completed an 11-month course Mississippi Coding Academies (MSCA) to become a Full Stack Developer by learning five programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, and React.

Patrick Hamilton, RN


Health & Humanities

“Let thy food be thy medicine.”

Patrick Hamilton, born in Portland Oregon, is what’s known as a “tree hugger” but not to the extreme. Patrick has

always had a love for all things nature, and at the tip of all things nature is the inquiring minds ultimate search for

how things work. He has been in some sort of medical career since before he was 18. Starting as a firefighter,

moving in a natural path to emergency medicine through the ranks to Paramedic, mostly in volunteer positions. All

the while, holding down full-time jobs in other various fields from building brass musical instruments, to running

his own construction company to running retail departments stores up General Manager. Later, having completed the

10+ year process of obtaining an Associates in General Studies and Associates of Science in Nursing from

Northland Pioneer College. His Bachelors of Science in Nursing from The University of Phoenix, and currently

graduated with a Master’s of Science in Pharmacology at the University of Maryland.

Patrick is a member of three honor societies including an honorary inductee to the Golden Key Honor Society.

Furthermore, Patrick has won more than 20 customer service awards and recognitions including the Healer Award

from the State of Arizona Foster Care.   

With all of the above-mentioned steps and achievements in his life, none stand as high as my achievement in finding

his beautiful wife. The achievements we have pushed each other through, the battles we have fought and won, the

family of we have brought up together, are all part of my crowning glory. Together with his wife and Patrick has

brought up three children with multiple medical disabilities to understand that the only disability they have are the

ones they do not try to overcome. Challenges face us all in different ways, how we face them is who we are, not the

disability. Patrick’s ability to persevere through the hard times is the understanding that they are not the only times,

and it’s all those other times of life that make the few hard times worth it, besides he truly believes, HARD WORK


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