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Our Board Members


Moira A. Hamilton

Moira is the Headmaster & Founder of Hamilton Liberty Academy.  Education and community service is the passion that drives Moira’s future goals. Her aspirations are to open a high school that truly educates our youth in foundations. Create change and enhance our educational system, making educational opportunities equitable across the nation.



Berney Flowers

BERNEY FLOWERS ran for US Congress in Maryland’s 2nd District. He was assigned to the

US Air Force’s “Air Staff” as the Pentagon was attacked on Sept 11, 2001. He retired from the

US Air Force after nearly 21 years of active duty, having deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine,

and “visiting” twenty-two countries and forty-three states in the performance of his duties. After his Air Force retirement, Berney worked as a project manager in the banking industry.  In 2009, he returned to DoD as a civil servant, where he was part of USCYBERCOM’S initial staff. He later served as NORAD & USNORTHCOM's Senior Technical Advisor at Fort Meade.  Beforeretiring from DoD, he participated in refugee resettlement efforts for Afghans, Haitians, and

undocumented migrants in defense of the US Southwest Border.  In 2021, Maryland’s Governor

appointed him to District 9 Judicial Nominating Commission, Howard County Maryland.  He

recently authored the new book, “Black Values Matter”.



Patrick Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton, working in medical field since before he was 18. Starting as a firefighter, moving in a natural path to Emergency Medicine through the ranks to Paramedic. Patrick also has experience in leadership and management. Including, building and operating his own construction company to running retail department stores as General Manager. Patrick has excellence in completing multiple degrees from his Associates in General Studies and Associates
of Science in Nursing from Northland Pioneer College. His Bachelors of Science in Nursing
from The University of Phoenix, and currently graduated with a Master’s of Science in
Pharmacology at the University of Maryland. Patrick is a member of three honor societies
including an honorary inductee to the Golden Key Honor Society. Furthermore, Patrick has won more than 20 customer service awards and recognitions including the Healer Award from the State of Arizona Foster Care.

Mya Lee Headshot.JPG


Mya Lee

Mya Lee graduated from Jackson State University (JSU) in 2021 and obtained her Master of Art in History.  Mya is an avid learner and researcher and is committed and passionate about creating for educational tools and platforms that deconstruct academic concepts in an engaging manner for families, educators, and students alike.


Marketing & Advertising

Kristine Monaghan

Kristine graduated from ASU in 2017 with a BA in Interdisciplinary Art. She has worked as a graphic designer and loves the opportunity to use her creativity. Kristine's passion is to make a vision come to life in a way that resonates with people and grabs their attention. She hopes to encourage others to find their passion and purse it without hesitation.

Brad Rainey.jpg

Advisor to the Director

Brad Rainey

Brad became involved with Golden Key International Honour Society within a few months of its founding in 1977 and today, he is Executive Director.  Over the last four years alone, Golden Key has awarded millions of dollars to our members in grants and scholarships.



Jasim Mohammad

An Executive Search and Assessment Professional at Russell Reynolds Associates who specializes in the healthcare and board executives. Also- lifelong learner who wants to understand the concerns that are prevalent in being content in the workforce. As an advocate for our youth and their futures, Jasim is committed to helping that mission and lead them in pathways for their journey or dreams. 

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