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What is HLA?

Hamilton Liberty Academy is an accredited online private school with live instruction. With project-based learning, we encourage a hands-on practical approach to help students apply the knowledge learned and not simply memorize it. 

Our alternative testing methods help us to create small class sizes for a more intimate classroom setting. We value our students as individuals and are not merely interested in helping them graduate. Our goal is to set them up for success beyond high school and prepare them for real world living.

Our Vision

Hamilton Liberty Academy provides an integrated and full encompassing education that will enrich the academic, economic, and professional lives of our youth as they begin their futures.

The HLA Difference

For each student, we encourage the "I'm possible" mentality; that every scholar is successful despite his or her obstacles. 

As educators, we have witnessed the lack of confidence that students feel about themselves and their future possibilities. Seeing the lack of encouragement from other educators in our field, we choose to be different.


We believe that all youth can pursue their dreams and that we, as educators, need to provide those avenues, uplift them, and guide them to focus on their futures. "I am possible" is exactly what we believe to be true; that they are possible, intelligent, driven, and full of potential. 

"Nothing is impossible.   The word itself says
 'I'm possible.'"

-Audrey Hepburn

Our Teaching Strategy

Hamilton Liberty Academy (HLA) uses an "I Do, We Do, You Do" teaching strategy that includes demonstration, prompt, and practice. It goes beyond simply teaching a lesson and testing the student's retention or leaving them to figure it out on their own. 

The purpose of this technique is to gradually release responsibility over the course of a unit, as they go from observing, to processing, and finally completing the task on their own. This helps build confidence within the student and a sense of capability as the unit continues. 

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Our Mission

At Hamilton Liberty Academy:

• We believe in providing integrated courses, which aspires to ground breaking curriculum, dedicated teaching, and student engagement; that encourages respect for our families, our communities, and our country.

• We understand how The Arts are integrated into everyday lift; therefore, it must be an essential part of learning. 

• We believe that being part of a virtuous society means that honesty and integrity must nurtured and guided with a spiritual conception that develops outstanding leaders of tomorrow.

Family, & Foundations

Statement of Faith

• We believe in the Creator of All things.

• We believe in Faith and the principles of Faith.

• We believe in Christian Foundations of loving and serving one another.

• We believe in our Freedom; freedom of speech, religion, and our country's foundations.

• We believe that all are created equal and have the opportunities of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


HLA is accredited through the National Association of Private Schools. It ensures that our school is meeting the highest education standards and operating with integrity.

You can find out more about NAPL at

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