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No Homework

Well, frankly, we don't believe there is any benefit to homework. Students are in class most of the day and we want them to enjoy life outside of school; so we help them complete their assignments in class. 

There may be the occasional project or assignment that needs a little extra time outside of class, but overall, homework is not included in our program. 

Are you tired of frustrating late nights trying to help your child complete their assignments?

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Alternative Testing Methods

Our goal is for students to fully grasp the subject content, not just pass another test. 

We have found that there are some students who understand the lesson, but still fail the test. Standard testing is a very limited way to evaluate a student's comprehension of a subject.

Instead, we utilize a variety of methods like creative writing, video, arts, and group science experiments to evaluate our students' understanding. These are incorporated into our core subjects like English, History, Math, and Sciences. It makes it easier for students to comprehend the study material and apply their knowledge in a practical setting!


Live Instruction

Unlike other online schools where lessons are recorded, classwork is stale, and it feels like Google is your best teacher... We believe in the value of live lessons!

There are benefits for both the convenience of online learning and the traditional instruction of face-to-face classrooms. At Hamilton Liberty Academy, we capture the best qualities of both teaching settings. We are able to provide an intimate classroom setting where students are known by name and actively participate, while having access to online tools and platforms to aid their educational journey!

Online Education

The "I Do, We Do, You Do" Method


At the beginning of a lesson, or when new material is being introduced, the teacher takes the lead of the "I do" phase through demonstration and explanation. 

This allows students to simply observe and absorb the new information while the responsibility remains with the teacher. 


As the student acquires the new information and skills, the learning shifts from teacher-directed instruction to scholar processing activities. The teacher continues to model, question, prompt, and cue the students during the "We Do" phase. This gives the student more responsibility in their own learning process while still having the proactive guidance of their teacher.


The final stage of a lesson is the "You do" phase. Students rely more on themselves and less on the teacher to complete the learning task. This builds up the confidence in their own capabilities as responsibility for independent learning shifts to the learners.

The purpose of this technique is to gradually release responsibility to the learner over the course of a unit, as they go from observing, to processing, and finally completing the task on their own. This helps build confidence within the student and a sense of capability as the unit continues. 

We encourage students to draw, design, and construct different projects where they apply the lesson in practical ways. We believe this is far more effective for retaining information than simply reading and testing. It also allows them to develop other skills, problem solve, and think in creative ways that will help them in the real world.

Project-based Learning

We are focused on teaching students through hands-on learning and practical application.



"More interactive than public school."

-HLA graduate         

The typical online school with recorded lessons and solo work time can leave a child feeling isolated. And in a traditional school, socialization is primarily limited to the lunch hour. At HLA, they are constantly interacting through the day with their professors and their peers! 

Womens Softball

What about sports?

This is actually a question we get fairly often! Keeping your child active and engaged is important to you, and we understand. All children are able to participate in public school sports team, regardless of where they attend school. We also strongly encourage getting your child involved in community sports or classes like Karate. These can be counted for credit at HLA!

Have more questions?

Integrated Classes

Learning through different lenses.

Our professors collaborate on project & lesson planning so that our classes tie together in many ways! For example, our History class is integrated with our English class, making it an Honors course. So instead of simply taking a test, our students may write an essay or even a story that helps apply the knowledge they're learning about history while strengthening their writing skills.

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