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Patrick Hamilton, born in Portland Oregon, I am what’s known as a “tree hugger” but not to the extreme. I have always had a love for all things nature, and at the tip of all things nature is the inquiring minds ultimate search for how things work. I have been in some sort of medical career since before I was 18. Starting as  firefighter, moving in a natural path to emergency medicine through the ranks to Paramedic, mostly in volunteer positions. All the while, holding down full time jobs in other various fields from building brass musical instruments, to running my own construction company to running retail departments stores up General Manager. Later, having completed the 10+ year process of obtaining an Associates in General Studies and Associates of Science in Nursing from Northland Pioneer College. My Bachelors of Science in Nursing from The University of Phoenix, and currently I am enrolled in a Masters of Science in Pharmacology at the University of Maryland.

I am a member of three honor societies including an honorary inductee to the Golden Key Honor Society. Furthermore, I have won more than 20 customer service awards and recognitions including the Healer Award from the State of Arizona Foster Care.   

With all of the above mentioned steps and achievements in my life, none stand as high as my achievement in finding my beautiful wife. The achievements we have pushed each other through, the battles we have fought and won, the family of we have brought up together, are all part of my crowning glory. Together my wife and I have brought up three children with multiple medical disabilities to understand that the only disability they have are the ones they do not try to overcome. Challenges face us all in different ways, how we face them is who we are, not the disability. My ability to persevere through the hard times is the understanding that they are not the only times, and it’s all those other times of life that make the few hard times worth it, besides I truly believe, HARD WORK BUILDS CHARACTER. 

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