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Moira Hamilton is the Headmaster and Founder of Hamilton Liberty Academy. This has been a journey. Through her years at Northland Pioneer College, the University of Arizona and graduating also from Columbia University, she has seen firsthand the need for educational differences for our youth. As a current teacher this past year she has seen many disgraces for youth and their futures. She personally has had enough of the local public educational systems they continuously choose to oppress children instead of uplift them to their possibilities. She has also witnessed the lack of mathematical, reading comprehension, and any understanding of true history. The focus in public schools seems to be more about their lack of possibilities instead of showing them the truth. Many of her colleagues have seen the same around the world. We all believe it is time for a change.

A little bit about her background.

Moira is currently a PhD Candidate in Organizational & Leadership in Education. She is a recent 4.2 Masters Graduate in Art and Art Education Department Teachers College, Columbia University. Previously, she graduated from the University of Arizona Honors College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies. Moira is a two-time recipient of the award “Leader of the Year” with Golden Key International Honour Society. These awards have been given to her at the International Summits in South Africa and in Sydney Australia. She earned these titles due to her service in the community and her work promoting continuing education for the pursuit of a college bound experience.

Moira has also been the recipient of the All-Arizona Academic Team Scholarship and Trico Cooperative Scholar. When studying at Teachers College, she was also honored with scholarships from the Munro Urban Scholars, Second Century Scholars, Diane & Abraham Sunshine Scholars, and the Patricia Green End Scholars. She has also been the recipient of the Daugherty Foundation, Magellan Circle, and the University of Arizona Alumni Award.

Education and community service is the passion that drives Moira’s future goals. As a foster mother for the State of Arizona, they adopted three children with complex medical conditions. Caring for her children has provided insight into the importance of education and the necessity of providing students the tools to achieve their dreams. Moira truly believes in nurturing our youth and brightening their future. Moira’s aspirations are to open a high school that truly educates our youth in foundations. Create change and enhance our educational system, making educational opportunities equitable across the nation. Moreover, Moira’s intentions are to continue communicating the importance truth to the next generation. Moira’s motto: “Be the reason someone smiles today!”

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